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  • Installing Lucee with Apache on Windows

    Installing Lucee for development environment with Apache web server on Windows environment

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  • Gaming PC with capable Intel Xeon E5-2678v3 - power on budget

    One of the most interesting processors from AliExpress in 2020 - 12 core / 24 thread monster is sold just over $100 mark.

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  • REST API prepared on Lucee with FW/1 and DI/1 dressing

    Building REST API with Lucee and Framework One

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  • Бюджетный ПК на базе Intel/NVidia

    Цель: Собрать ПК для хранения медиатеки, закачек, для просмотра видео, онлайн телевидения, изредка для игр.

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  • Creating Lucee development environment with CentOS 7 in VirtualBox

    Creating development environment for Lucee with Oracle Virtualbox, Linux and MySQL

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  • ORM 1: Entities

    Creating development environment for Lucee with Oracle Virtualbox, Linux and MySQL

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  • Java Minute Maven 4: Spring MVC CRUD application with Hibernate and JPA repository

    In this tutorial we'll learn how to create Spring MVC web application with 4 basic actions: Create, Read, Update, Delete objects. We'll use Hibernate ORM and JPA Repository to manipulate data in database. Spring MVC will provide features for web development: routes, controllers, views and model. Maven will be used to manage dependencies. Spring configuration will be annotation-based.

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  • Fast start with Lucee and Apache web server

    After system reinstall, I had to quickly rebuild development environment with Lucee and Apache (or nginx web server). Small cheat-sheet on configuring web servers with Railo.

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  • Starting Phonegap development: configuration and tools

    Those familiar with Phonegap development know this awesome service: Adobe PhoneGap Build. It allows building for different platforms without having entire Phonegap infrastructure installed on developer's machine. However, some 'old-school' guys like me, prefer having everthing within reach on local machine. Here are some instructions to get up and running with Phonegap development for Android platform.

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  • Java Minute Web 1: Servlets

    Recently I entered Java web development world, which is level up in skill after ColdFusion development and a dig down into Java technology stack. Being lucky not touch Java EE internals for a decade, thanks to ColdFusion and Railo, I found Java web development to be complex but robust and honed technology (especially if compared to boiling goo of server side Javascript).

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    Lucee - new kid on the block

    On 29th of Janurary in London there was a reason for these nice people to throw a small party -- the announcement of Lucee.

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  • Optimizing Coldfusion website performance

    Following this great presentation by Peter Farrell in Coldfusion Meetup, I made a bulleted list of tips to optimize site performance. I encourage you to watch recorded session, since Peter gave so much valuable information.

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  • About me

    Hello, I'm Rodion, web-developer.

    Couple words about myself:

    • web-developer since 2002, my first language was Macromedia ColdFusion 5
    • still working with CFML/CFScript on awesome Lucee engine
    • worked a lot as technical project manager, in Agile and Agile-ish environments
    • from time to time develop using Java (Spring MVC) and Javascript (Angular)
    • write technical blog posts
    • speak at User Groups and conferences
    • love technical conferences, have collection of freebies
    • love to teach others technical stuff
    • interested in effective project management and "peopleware"
    • interested in learning "dead" languages like COBOL or Latin

    I have a pet-project: RoundBee, a time tracking API, check it out.


    • 2014 till now - Senior CFML Developer, full-time
    • 2012-2014 - Technical Project Manager, full-time
    • 2011-2012 - Senior CFML Developer, full-time
    • 2010-2011 - Senior CFML Developer, contractor
    • 2005-2010 - Web-developer / Technical Project Manager, contractor
    • 2002-2005 - Web-developer, full-time
    • 2001-2002 - Support Engineer, full-time


  • О себе

    Меня зовут Родион Быков, я веб-разработчик и руководитель проектов. Профессионально - я "фрилансер", т.е. выполняю заказы на создание веб-приложений и веб-сайтов. В основном использую Adobe Coldfusion и Railo в связке с MySQL или MS SQL на платформах Windows и Linux. Для мобильных приложений я использую Apache (Adobe) Flex, AIR и PhoneGap.

    Приобрел 9 лет опыта работы в веб-разработке на Adobe Coldfusion, Railo, Adobe Flex/AIR и PHP/MySQL. Интересуюсь и занимаюсь в основном бизнес-приложениями, веб-сайтами для бизнеса и legacy-системами. В настоящее время интересуюсь мобильной разработкой на AS3/Flex под устройства с поддержкой Adobe AIR, а также активно изучаю jQuery Mobile и Sencha Touch. При разработке работаю с Windows, и использую Linux в облаке как серверную платформу.

    Я стараюсь активно делиться своими знаниями, давая доклады на конференциях и юзер-группах; являюсь со-основателем Coldfusion User Group Ukraine, регулярно пишу на технические темы и участвую в организаций встреч программистов. 

    Если у вас есть проект, для которого вы ищете Coldfusion-разработчика или менеджера - буду рад вам помочь. Из планов на будущее - хотел бы руководить группой разработчиков - в небольшом стартапе или отделе большой фирмы. Хотел бы выступить как "евангелист" Adobe Coldfusion в Украине и зарубежом.

    Ключевые слова: Actionscript, Adobe, AJAX, AIR, Amazon, BlazeDS, Bluedragon, Cairngorm, Coldfusion, Coldspring, CSS, CFML, CFScript, ExtJS, Flex, Fusebox, FW/1, Hibernate, HTML, Java, Javascript, jQuery, MachII, Mate, MS SQL, MVC, MySQL, OOP, ORM, PHP, Railo, Sencha, Swiz, TransferORM.

    Написать мне можно на емейл: bykov [at] rodion [dot] com [dot] ua

  • Migrating to Railo

    It's very likely that successful long-living project will face porting issue. Platforms and tools evolve, competition always threatening. Making application working on several project can save investment and widen client base. Porting Coldfusion web-application has it's tricks, here are some of them.

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    Macbook Air vs Asus Zenbook

    They are like brothers :)

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    Upgrading Asus UX32VD ultrabook with SSD and memory

    By default, Asus ultrabook came with 500GB HDD and 4GB of RAM. Upgrading HDD to SSD and adding memory will give significant performance boost.

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    Unboxing Asus Zenbook UX32VD ultrabook

    Thanks to end-of-year sales, ultrabook from Asus has landed on my desk.

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    Upgrading Sony Vaio laptop with second HDD instead of CD-ROM

    Replacing rarely used CD-ROM drive and replacing with HDD rack gives space for 1TB HDD along with small but fast SSD. Only bonuses, no downsides!

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  • Searchable storage with document upload and download

    Coldfusion can index documents and PDF books using Verity/Solr, natively work with images using CFImage tag and functions, and even work with MP3 tags with some Java magic. This makes Coldfusion great tool for creating searchable file storage - say, for your workgroup fileserver.

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  • Publications and materials

    Links to publications and downloadable materials.

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    Underappreciated Palm Pre is an iPhone in disguise

    Look at this tiny monster Palm Pre!

    • Multipoint touchscreen
    • Applications downloadable from app store
    • Contacts and mail synced with Yahoo (yes, Yahoo!)
    • Sliding hardware keyboard

    Why such good guy lost in eternity? WHY?!

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    This year's change jar

    It was interesting year for us: new web-projects, first mobile development success, controversial decisions made by Adobe... You know the drill. Nevertheless, it's rolling and everything is fine. Looking forward to 2012, year that will bring even more surprises and techology pace will be even faster.

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