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  • Lucee - new kid on the block


    On 29th of Janurary in London there was a reason for these nice people to throw a small party -- the announcement of Lucee.

    Lucee is a CFML engine Open Source project, forked off Railo. Reasons for spin-off are rather legal, new non-profit enitity will be steering Lucee development. Anyone could be involved in process, and with open source approach, new structure will create more traction for fresh CFML engine (and maybe, for CFML in general). 

    Nothing new is added at this point, Lucee starts where Railo is standing now, and Lucee receive first version 4.5. Installation is simple - just replace jar files in [railo]/lib folder with those from official site. It took me 2 mins and no problems occured during update. Installer is to be developed, but Viviotech is in supporters, so maybe they will deliver. Major content platforms and number of hosters are supporting new platform, so stay tuned, more to come.

    Official site | Forum | Wiki | Twitter