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  • Fast start with Lucee and Apache web server

    After system reinstall, I had to quickly rebuild development environment with Lucee and Apache (or nginx web server). Small cheat-sheet on configuring web servers with Railo.

    0. No web server front

    Railo on top of Tomcat has its own web server built-in, and it listens to port 8888 by default - if accessed with browser directly, Tomcat will answer without need of Apache HTTPD or other web server at all.

    1. Classics: using mod_jk

    Use Apache 2.4 binaries from Apache Lounge and install mod_jk.

    2. Forwarding to AJP port 

    We can get rid of mod_jk, and use mod_rewrite for URL tweaking and sending CFML requests to Railo

    2.1 Forward to built-in web server

    Instead of forwarding to AJP port, we can forward to built-in web server directly:

    3. Using Railo with nginx front

    If you feel comfortable with nginx for serving static files, here's config to forward CFML requests to Railo. Works perfectly.