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  • Blackberry Playbook hands-on


    Finally have my hands literally on BlackBerry Playbook tablet. First impression is great, and of course there's no second chance to make this first impression.

    I didn't own iPad before, so I have nothing to compare to. Also, I don't want to make 'yet another technical review for the device, especially after great long description like this one.

    My personal list of things I loved:

    • it's small so you can put it into (large) pocket or bag;
    • it's lightweight and thin, nice rubber-ish back coating makes it comfortable to hold;
    • screen size is just enough to freely navigate or type text with two thumbs;
    • screen resolution is high, fonts are displayed smoothly, images are crisp and bright;
    • reacts to my actions almost immediately, interface follows touch events precisely and firmly holds touch point, really enjoying experience;
    • it holds pictures and video I uploaded from PC and display it nicely;
    • plays video off the internet in Flash players.

    However I dissapointed by lack of cyrillic fonts in AIR applications, no Russian keyboard and no option to install it. Also there's no Asian keyboards. I believe with world Playbook expansion, international keyboards going to be available with updates. Speaking about updates, for last two days Playbook updated software three times !

    Overall I'm very happy with the device. Going to explore upcoming Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5 with Playbook, developing applications with AIR SDK for Playbook. Will make separate posting on that matter.